Hi there.

This page has been completely reworked. I've replaced all the .mp3s with new versions when the source PCM files were available. Also, I'm introducing a new series of songs called "The Rhymes of the Ancient Sysadmin".

As always, feel free to drop me a letter. Or send strings as a sign of appreciation, if any. You have no idea how hard it is to get good charango strings here.


Songs and pieces in the "Mine" section are my own. I know this for a fact, as I wrote them.

Songs and pieces in the "Traditional" section were so named in the sources where I found them. If you know otherwise, please contact me. (So far, these records having been in open access since late 1990's, nobody did. Guess it's pretty safe to use these as well.)

IMPORTANT: everything I do as an author is UNCOPYRIGHTABLE. Everybody is free to use it in any manner they choose, as if it were Public Domain. The difference is that even if Labels bribe legislatures to completely eliminate Public Domain, my works will stay that way. Because I've said so. Bite me.

Кто не понял: добрым людям тут все задаром, а копирастам шиш на минеральном масле.



Blow Ye Winds LYRICS

Haul Away Joe LYRICS


Tune Your Fiddles

Road to Dundee


Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb (Irish variant)


The Trees They Do Grow High LYRICS

Plantation Songs

Sit Down, Servant

Do Don't Touch A My Garment, var. 1

Do Don't Touch A My Garment, var. 3 (instrumental)

Takin' Names

Other USA

Jingle Bells (James Pierpont. Sorry for all the jazz, Jim.)


Не орел ли с лебедем купалися (old file)


Lyrics by others

Bells Of London (traditional)

Proud Maisie (Sir Walter Scott)




Gold 'N' Silver Blues

Let Go

Extremely old

У нас нет дома (old file)

Зачем ты оторвал ей ноги, папа? (old file)

Не по кайфу (old file)

Дом, который построил Яков (old file)

For games

Human castle 1

Human castle 2

(Want some for your own Free Software project? Let me know.)

Rhymes Of The Ancient Sysadmin

Eleven Pings Opera

Server Room Lullaby

IT Song

Thinking for a Living

More to come on the next Sysadmin Day, or whenever you make me feel like recording this stuff is worth the trouble.